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Melissa A. Bizyak

Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP


Anthony Brock

Lighthouse Electric


Mark Callahan

COGENT Infotech Corp.


Ross Chapman

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute


Keith Cochran

Cochran Associates


William Eber, President

Eber & Associates


Bob Fitzgerald, Project Manager

Bridges & Company, Inc.


Brian G. Froehlich

Eber & Associates


Gene Galiardi

Pennsylvania Commercial Real Estate, Inc.


Steve Gardiner

Eber & Associates


Georgianne Hartwel (founding member)

Allegheny General Hospital


Michelle L. Kopnski

Tucker Arensberg P.C.


Kim Lewis

PNC Bank


Andrew Mertz (Alternate)

Cochran Associates


Chris Motz

Tower Construction Services, Inc.


Justin Police

Police Mortgage LLC


Todd Police (Alternate)

Police Mortgage LLC


D. Wayne Rankin (Alternate)

Lighthouse Electric


Chris Roma

Roma Design-Build, Inc.


Connie Sapienza, Manager (Alternate)

Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute

4500 5th Avenue


Tony Solazzo (Alternate)

Cochran Associates


Sarah Stevens (Alternate)

Grossman Yanak & Ford, LLP


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ABN Mission
Allegheny Business Network (ABN) was formed in 1990 by a group of business professionals looking for a non-traditional environment in which to exchange ideas and information. ABN provides members with opportunities for continued professional and personal growth, along with the opportunity to make new business contacts.

ABN members strive to:

Foster mutually beneficial long-term business and personal relationships

Exchange useful, specialized information

Learn more about various topics so that we each may offer more to our customers and clients

Provide services that heighten the enrichment of our community

Expand customer and client bases

Increase sales volume